Pre-Order “Truckers” on DVD

TruckersDVDTruckers has became available to pre-order on DVD through and will be released on February 3, 2014. I really enjoyed this series and am thinking about getting the DVD myself!


Written by William Ivory (Made in Dagenham) and starring Stephen Tompkinson (Wild at Heart), Ashley Walters (Bullet Boy, Top Boy), John Dagleish (Beaver Falls), Harry Treadway (Control), Sian Breckin (Tyrannosaur) and Jenn Murray (The Fades), Truckers follows the lives of six truck drivers working for a Nottingham haulage yard.

Funny, moving, painful and raucous, Truckers tells stories of real life, of ordinary people pushed to extremes. In each episode one of our truckers undergoes a life changing journey and we are along for the ride.

This DVD includes all five episodes along with an entertaining look behind the scenes on the set with cast and crew.

Special Features:
• Behind the Scenes with Cast and Crew
• Picture Gallery
• Subtitles

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“Truckers” Recap

So sorry guys! I didn’t know that Jenn’s new TV show Truckers had started already in the UK! Tonight was the second episode of the series, and if you live in the UK you can watch the first episode here. Episode 3 airs next Thursday! I’ve found out a little more about Jenn’s character Michelle as well:

Michelle started at Banks a year ago on a government placement scheme and is now practically running the company single-handed. She is secretly in love with Martin.

Check out some promotional photos in our gallery here.

Jenn talks about “Truckers” in BBC intervew

Check out this interview with Jenn about her role in the new BBC One series Truckers!

What attracted you to Truckers?

There were a lot of things that attracted me to Truckers. The first and most important thing was the script. William had written such real characters that jumped off the page, I felt I already knew these people after a few pages of reading.

The second thing would be that it was an ensemble piece. I love lots of people in a scene together, some talking, some listening, with so many interesting things to watch. My favourite films have ensemble casts, like The Paper directed by Ron Howard. There are so many characters in the frame and it is a pleasure to watch several talented actors at once. It is like being in the theatre. You can focus in on the person at the corner of the stage who is simply sitting, listening, watching.

What were your first impressions of the script?

My first impressions were the fast pace of the dialogue between people. It felt so real, people do speak very quickly and on top of each other and William captured that. Also I loved how genuine it was, there was comedy in the midst of tragedy which is so true to life. And each character was three dimensional, they all had flaws and the six of us were like a puzzle that all fitted together. Each brought something special and unique and necessary to the group.

Tell us a bit about your character

My character is called Michelle. She is a young woman that began working in the office as a teenager doing work experience and gradually worked her way up to be Martin Banks’ assistant.

Michelle is a person that is very smart and capable but not arrogant or showy about it. She is generous and kind and when she sees Martin is struggling, she doesn’t boss him about but instead helps him find his own way and his confidence without him knowing she is guiding him. Michelle is assertive and strong willed and she believes in herself and her friends and above all is fiercely loyal.

How does your character fit into the group of Truckers?

Michelle sees and hears everything. She is a woman who doesn’t miss a beat but yet she is a person that can be trusted and relied upon. The truckers respect her and at times confide in her. Michelle always gives a direct, honest answer to a question. Like all of the truckers, Michelle is going through her own troubles and is hiding them to the best of her abilities but the six of them are somewhat of a family and can see each person for who they really are. That to me is what is so special about this script. It is so accurate to people’s behaviour in real life circumstances. You can insult the ones you love the most, take out your anger and frustration on the people closest to you and yet try and hide your worries because you don’t want to be a burden or appear weak.

What do you hope the audience gets out of the show?

Like all shows that people enjoy, I hope the audience can connect with the characters and are able to care about them. A great film, television show, book or even a line from a song can feel personal and make you reflect on your own life and your own story. This can make you feel less alone or inspired or educated and that is why I love acting and I love art. Because when it can make someone feel something it is very special and I hope a character or a situation in Truckers can do that for someone tuning in one evening. Or even if it is just to make them laugh, that would be wonderful!

What was it like filming in Nottingham?

Shooting in Nottingham was fantastic. It was its own character in Truckers and was so crucial to the storyline. Everywhere we shot, the people in Nottingham were so generous and supportive with their time and locations.